The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Stories by members and others

These are selected Member  and others War Stories from the pages of the Taro Leaf and elsewhere. The Taro Leaf only goes in printed form to about 2,100 Association members. By placing these on the Internet we hope to give these member stories a much wider vista. They are not organized in any particular order.

Ziobron, Edward C, My four days in the Laos jungle.
John Trinca, A Purple Heart Remembered and Returned; A Lost Buddy Identified.  
Cain, Paul, Above and Beyond: Ivesdale native never shied away from challenges of work or war
The Gimlet, by Gene Ames, 21st IR, Task Force Smith
Thomas Hoke Compere Wartime Letters, 1942-45
Lauds Valor of 24th Division--Eyewitness Tells of Troop Heroism, Pacific Stars and Stripes, 12 August 1950
God saved my life in Korea, (Sunchon Tunnel Massacre)  By Pvt. Robert L. Sharpe in Saturday Evening Post, 1951.
Lady Tigers Women POW's of Korean War, by Shorty Estabrook
Don Perrin C 19th Korean War 1950-53 YouTube
Letter from A True Warrior, Col. Edward O. Logan, by Frank Blood, Jr.
DeLong "Tribute to an American Hero -- Patsy Milantoni"
“.... THE FOREST FOR THE TREES” (SFC Nelson V. Brittin, MOH) By M/Sgt. Charles Willeford, USAF
Japanese PW Defied "Tiger"  Stars & Stripes, 11 September 1953
Korea war crimes division interim Historical report June 1953 
Carmel and the Korean Death March (Tiger March)
Letter to the lost -- Art Schwind.
Cacciola, Thomas, The 955th FAB in Korea
Iezzoni, Mario, "My life pursuit of finding out about the badly wounded man I carried out in April 1951."
Wallace “Dog” Yahn, “G” Company, 34th Infantry Regiment, Dec 13, 1944 to Nov 23, 1946, Photos
"Alaska's Cutthroats" by Samantha Seiple, historynet.com  
Browne, Ed, Pearl Harbor Survivor
 Time Magazine, Monday, May 11, 1953, "BATTLE OF KOREA The Boys Come Home,"
Wood Jr, Bryant "Woodie,"  " If I’m gonna die, let me die trying."
Tuck, Beth Hagan,  A loving look back at my father, Edward J. Hagan
Adcock, Lester  Photos "L" 19th Medic in the Korean War
Allen, Bill, “My Old Box of Memories; Thoughts of the Korean War,” book review
Allen Jr, Elliott W, A History of the Wartime Experience of Elliott W. Allen, Sergeant, Squad Leader 3rd Sqd, 2nd Plt, Co B, 1st BN, 19th Regt, 24th Inf Div in WWII
Hallahan, Robert F., 52nd Field Artillery Combat Operations in Korea 1951-1952.   
Harmon, Joseph L., Life as a Peacemaker in Korea
Appler, Thomas, A Look at the 24th Division After Korea, Part 1
Appler, Thomas, A Look at the 24th Division After Korea, Part 2, Tabular Listing of Units
Appler, Thomas, Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg, Germany
Blunt, Charles, Romblon Island, Philippines, March 1944
Fosness, Norman, Task Force Smith, Osan, South Korea, June 5, 1950
Eddie Ko Story, "I feel that the ordinary American GI is the world's greatest hero."
James William Bolt, Cannonier Korea, at the Kum River.
Mel Behnen's the Bob Kaldrick Story.
Shorty Estabrook "Tiger Survivors" POW
George Updike Japanese Flag Story
Art Lombardi, In Retrospect, about readiness.
Funchess, Bill , Korean POW, A thousand days of torment!
President Bush Awards MOH Woodrow Wilson Keeble
Tom Lyke, 6th Medium Tank Battalion, 24th Infantry Division at The Valley of Death
Burson, William, AP, Into the Valley of Death Rode The Four Hundred.
Bill McKenna, Jungle Grapevine and the Moro pirates.
George Borun, Where have you been? I haven’t seen you for a while!
Robert Winston Mercy, I hear no bugles. George Company 19th Infantry Regiment
Frank Fantino, “19th’s ‘Lost Battalion’ in Leyte Fight”
Moncur, Bob and Ann, Letters to Ann
Jack Jorgensen, Talomo Beach
ANGELO J. “RED’ MANTINI, The 19th Infantry Regiment in New Guinea and the Philippines in WWII
Operation Nomad, Don Vail original FO 1951 era map of Kumsong Korea area.  
Helm, Merry, Operation Nomad-Polar: The Last Major Allied Offensive of the Korean War
Rickert, Dan, 3rd Engineers and 5th RCT near Kumsong
Juni, Bob, Operation Nomad from my view as a Runner
Thiel, Tom, Nomad—Press Reports vs. Reality
Magana, Pete, Operation Nomad With the 26th AAA
Abernathy, Joe, My Operation Nomad
Rickert, Dan, Operation Nomad-Hill #633, “D” Company, 3rd Combat Engineers & 5th RCT
Camp, Howard, “Love” 19th, Operation Nomad
Gamet, Pete, Out of the Desert Darkness (Desert Storm)
Delpizo, Rich and Julius, Mindoro Beach Landing Question Solved!
Frederick, Mel, Korean Rain
Sheppard, Guy, The 21st Regiment on the Philippine Islands
Dunn, John, “A” Co. 2nd Battle Group in the Cold War, “A Lasting Bond”
Dunn, John, Sport Parachuting “Formed” in the 24th
Herren, John, My Tour with the 24TH in Germany 1959-1962
Vincent, Loyal, Christmas 1959, with the 24th Division, Gablingen, Germany.
John Slattery, The 24th Division to—the Congo?
Vincent, Loyal, You Will No Longer Be Alive!
Harper, Sean, Operation BlueBat The 24th ID’s Airborne Brigade’s July 1958 Deployment to Beirut, Lebanon
Maggio, Don, Augsburg, Germany—My “Duty” Station in 1967!
Garza, Joe, “A” BTY, 11th FA, Bad Kissingen, GR
Halberstam, Coldest Winter, Rumbaoa
Palmer, Harold, Story of a New Infantryman—April 1951
Estebrook, Shorty, Rest in Peace Colonel John J. Dunn
Blunt, Charles, Leyte Landing, Philippine Islands, October 20, 1944
Cain, Paul,  The Thirty Fourth Infantry Regiment On Corregidor
Higdon, Jack, With Task Force Smith at Osan.
Garrett, John, Task Force Smith - The Lesson Never Learned
Helm, Merry, A Deadly Reconnaissance Patrol, (Led by 1st Lt. Ward Neville)
Ames, Eugene, I remember Hill 1157.
Mc Adoo, Albert, 5th RCT in DEATH VALLEY 22-25 APRIL 1951
Brown, Gerald, My First Reunion, 1st Platoon, Company “A”, 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, on July 31, 1950
Lane, Bill, (Redman), First on Korea’s front lines, medic risks life to save others 
Meier, Jacob, A lucky dogfoot of WWII. My personal experiences and observations of my three year-three months service in the U.S. Army as a front-line infantry medic as an aid-man with an 81mm mortar platoon and a Battalion aid-station, third battalion, 19th Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division, the Victory Division.
Richardson, Glenn, The 24th in Korea July 1955 to October 1956
Ross, Kenwood, William Jordan Verbeck, eulogy
Simunek, William C., Christmas 1946 Mass Bulletin, with the 3rd Engineers in Kokura, Japan.  
Stimson, Art, Hollandia 1944 patrol
Silverstine, Al, Missing officer’s wife tells of sudden move to war zone (Task Force Smith)
Smith, Beryl, Letter to Mother, 26th AAA Bty "A"
Stokes, Bill, Cartoon rendition of my time with the 34th Infantry Regiment in 1947.
Thiel, Tom J., “Silent Night, Holy Night, All is Calm, All is Bright,” Central Front North Korea, 1951.
Thornton, Douglas, Independence Day 1945, Mindanao, The Philippines
Valley, David, Fraternization in Japan
Van Beck, Don, My “Occupation” of Japan, 1946-47
William Jordan Verbeck Obituary
Vergara, MSG Andres , 2012 Washington, D.C.
York, Ron, "Little Red Outhouse," 5th RCT, circa 1980.
And the rains came. Goodenough Island, New Guinea, November 1944
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