The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Verbeck Award; Highest Award given by the Association

William Jordan VerbeckThe Verbeck Award is presented to that Association member who best displays the ideals of Bill Verbeck–an unabashed love for the 24th Division and its Association–a member who most furthers the interests of the Association and the Division.

It is not intended to reward mere popularity, but more to acknowledge hard work in helping to make the Association more successful.

Original definition of Verbeck Award by Edmund F. Henry   

William Jordan Verbeck Award Bowl 24th Infantry Division AssociationVerbeck Bowl  

The award is symbolized by a large silver bowl, the “Verbeck Bowl,” which was conceived to encourage excellence; to emulate the values of William Jordan Verbeck. Initially, the awardee's names were engraved on the bowl itself.

But eventually the capacity for the bowl to carry the names became limiting, so at its 2007 meeting in Columbia, South Carolina, the Association’s Board of Directors decided to continue the “light” that has guided the 24th Infantry Division Association for the past 41 years. It approved the addition of a wooden base to support the original silver bowl, and that would provide an attractive and efficient means to carry the names of those who are to follow, those who demonstrate the values and excellence of William Jordan Verbeck.

Verbeck Award Recipients

YEAR RECIPIENT                                             YEAR     RECIPIENT                         
1966 Kenwood Ross   2000 Ellsworth “Dutch” Nelsen
1967 N/A not listed 2001 Harry L. Wittman
1968 N/A not listed 2002 Harold “Corky” Peters
1969 Edmund Henry   2003 Ben H. Wahle, Jr
1970 James Spike O’Donnell   2004 William H. Muldoon
1971 Thomas H. Compere   2005 Edward S. Farmer
1972 Joseph I. Peyton   2006 Wesley R. Morrison
1973 Victor Backer   2007 Billy Johnson
1974 Aubrey S. Newman   2008 Dan Rickert    (left)
1975 Robert J. Duff   2009 Keith Hagen   (left)
1976 Frederick A. Irving   2009 Tom J. Thiel   (left)
1977 Samuel Y. Gilner 2010 Don Maggio
1978 Gerald R. Stevenson   2011 Gene Spicer  (left)
1979 William Sanderson   2012 Mel Frederick  (right)
1980 C.G. Hanlin   2013 Glen Carpenter
1981 William Sanderson   2014 John Dunn  (left)
1982 Paul A. Harris   2015 Salvator "Sal" Schillaci
1983 Donald E. Rosenblum   2016 Tom Appler
1984 Bert F. Lowry   2017 Kenneth Fentner
1985 John E. Klump   2018 Don Bruner
1986 Lee B. List   2019 Johnny Shults
1987 Dallas Dick      
1988 John R. Shay    
1989 Warren G. Avery      
1990 N/A not listed    
1991 Robert Ender      
1992 N/A not listed    
1993 Brig. Gen. Lester Wheeler      
1994 Joseph J. McKeon    
1995 Joseph P. Hofrichter      
1996 Wallace F. Kuhner      
1997 Rodolph Mullins      
1998 Philip H. Hosteetter, MD      
1999 Henry J. Gosztyla